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OBEETEE Launches Four Themed Collections: Collections Fuse the Finest Traditional Techniques with On-Trend Designs
Hannover, Jan. 12, 2018 -- OBEETEE, lndia's leading producer and exporter of hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flat-woven carpets and one of the world's largest and oldest hand-woven carpet companies, introduces four themed collections that draw upon the finest weaving traditions to create on-trend designs. The collections include: the resolutely modern Hip Shop; Boho Shop celebrating the textile arts from every corner of the world; Found Rug, an homage to classic rug designs; and Biophilia, contemporary and textured designs in jute, hemp, organic cotton and nettle.

OBEETEE Chairman Rudra Chatterjee said, "Our on-trend designs present a diverse offering that will resonate with today's consumers and provide contemporary interpretations of the quality artisanship that they are seeking."

Hip Shop
Hip hop and rap music, the street, technology, geometry, the abstract, organic shapes, they're hip now and they're all influences on this resolutely modern collection. Hip Shop isolates its design elements against simple, minimalistic backdrops with spare use of color. Clean and crisp, the collection speaks luxury in expansive, yet whispered tones. Look at it as contemporary art to be lived with. Abraham & Thakore's Painted Memories design in this offering is a modern take on calligraphy.

Boho Shop
We're a global community now, and Boho Shop celebrates our move towards global citizenship. Textiles from every corner of the world -- English florals, Native American weaves, Asian ikats, Moroccan Berbers, the handiwork of the Caucasus and more -- are presented through the common, artistic language of design. The fusion of these textiles with on-trend colors, textures and ambiance makes for a collection that is as culturally rich as it is beautiful. The Saree & Block Print design from Abraham & Thakore brings the Indian textile tradition to this theme.

Found Rug
Inspired by the fragments of antique rugs, Found Rug is an homage to classic rug designs: Persian Tabriz, Turkish Oushaks, Caucasian Karabaghs and other time-honored weaves. The collection is divided into two distinct parts. One tells the story of age-old, sun-faded rugs and the other has the nuances of royalty and abundance. As a whole, the collection evokes bygone dynasties and culture woven together with the common threads of design.

Environmental awareness and quality of life are what drives this theme. Biophilia is a bold attempt to propagate this very message in contemporary and textured designs in jute, hemp, organic cotton and nettle. Whether inspired by stone formations like agate, a bird's feathers, flower tendrils, the evening rain, a cloudy sky or reclaimed design, the collection infuses the core concepts of eco-conscious, biophilic design into our everyday lives.

OBEETEE was established in 1920 and today is India's leading producer and exporter of exquisite hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flatwoven carpets. In 1997, OBEETEE INC was created in New York to facilitate both product marketing and distribution for all of North America.

Internationally recognized as the premier source for the finest of handmade carpets in India, OBEETEE has received countless national awards for being the country's largest and most reputable exporter.

Moreover, OBEETEE a pioneer of numerous manufacturing processes, is also the world's first Woolmark licensee for hand-knotted rugs since 1969, and the first handmade rug company in the world to become a brand partner with the 'Wools of New Zealand' mark in 1997.

OBEETEE carpets have been sold in the USA since the 1940's at well respected department and specialty stores. Many projects have involved the making of carpets for illustrious and historic properties worldwide.

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