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Over the years, our flooring accounts which include companies in tile, stone, wood, LVT, installation materials and more, have been featured in the news sections of The response has always been solid and clearly appreciated. Whereas it's harder to convince them to advertise nowadays, whenever we have been able to get them to utilize as an advertising vehicle, the results have been outstanding, as well.

An item which your organization consistently delivers is its unique form of positive energy which, frankly, is very contagious. Every time we work together, (which in retrospect has been quite a bit over the last decade) we always feel that positive surge. In today's recovering but still not-what-it-used-to-be business environment, a good dose of optimistic energy is what everyone could use. We will continue to recommend to our clientele for that reason and many others, as well. One being (of course) the strong number of responses generated by advertising which is not only tangible… but also, extremely cost-effective for their respective programs.

Best regards,

Ron Treister
Communicators International


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Our (1) Year Direct Link Campaign:

Online Direct Link Campaign (See Below):  Note: This campaign will include (1) 150 by 150 & (1) 600 by 111 rotating ad as well as other features outlined below. Monthly payments can be arranged (see * below)

* A valid credit card is required for all campaigns billed monthly. All pricing subject to change.

Campaign Details

This online campaign offers a 150 by 150 rotating banner ad that will appear at the top of every major section on FloorBiz. These ads will generate 100's of thousands of views in a one year campaign period as well as thousands of click-thrus to your web site. Also included is a rotating 600 by 111 splash banner which will be displayed in our main product directory as well as sub-category directories. All ads can be updated/changed throughout the campaign period. Other campaign features that are included are listed below:


  •  Video upload access on our main page. These can be either SWF or YouTube.

  •  Premiere and Featured direct links in our product directory.

  • Full media submission package including press releases and news updates which will be published in our News Section.

  • Unique article (cannot be published anywhere else) submission privilege. Once received, these articles will be optimized by FloorBiz staff- which will include links to your website- and  placed on our main page. Most will be indexed on the first page of Google within 4-6 weeks.

  • Event submission privileges. Post your companies upcoming events in our Events section.

Premiere and Featured Listings: Along with the rotating banner ads, you will be provided a Premiere and Featured Listing in our search directories. Everywhere your company appears in our search directory pages will be a direct link to your web site. This places your company in the elite class of companies who enjoy thousands of click-thrus from these listings alone. Search engines will generally provide higher page-rank and improved indexing for sites that have Direct Links on seasoned sites which already have a high page-rank and that are on the first page of most relevant keyword searches.

A typical campaign will generate over 2,000,000 total banner impressions. You can expect on average between 8,000-10,000 click-thrus (one of our advertisers finished their campaign with 28,000 click-thrus) to your web-site from both the graphic ads and enhanced listings. has the highest click-thru rate on the Internet. Your exposure and dramatically improved positioning on FloorBiz will translate into increased revenue.

Please read the testimonials on this page or better yet, feel free to contact any of our current advertisers directly to see how satisfied they are. We look forward to welcoming you to our growing list of successful Web-based businesses.

Note: FloorBiz can (for an additional charge) create your graphic ads. All banners should be 25,000 bytes or less.

Definition of terms used:
mpressions -  Actual views to your graphic ads. When a user (unique visitor) accesses a page on FloorBiz and your ad is present, this counts as one impression.

Targeted - Choose from over 30 different product/advertising zones within the portal, such as  Ceramic Tile, Carpeting, Wood Flooring, etc..

Why Advertise?

These are competitive times demanding aggressive action in the areas of online & print sales and marketing. You no longer wait for business to happen... you have to make it happen. The good news is that every day more and more of your customers are not only online, but are also regularly reading print media. The bad news is that every day your business is  becoming harder and harder to find., the industry's largest flooring directory & guide will provide you with the most comprehensive and effective advertising campaigns in the industry. By leveraging both print and online marketing strategies with the industry's most effective sources, you are guaranteed to reach your market audience. Our advertisers enjoy a consistently higher ROI (return on investment) with our campaigns than with any previous marketing strategy they have implemented.

Why advertise on FloorBiz? is the world's largest flooring portal. FloorBiz ranks consistently in the top 10 (first page) of Google (and other search engines) for most relevant flooring keywords such as flooring directory, flooring news, and flooring events.   Our visitors can find just what they are looking for by searching our exhaustive  Product Directory, stay informed by reading our up-to-date Industry News, place Career Opportunities and Classified Ads, visit our unique Industry Forum Section, and register on-line for those all-important shows, conventions and training seminars found in our Events section.

There are also hundreds of relevant product information pages that are all indexed by the major search engines, with many ranked in the top 10 (first page). In fact, each year we serve up over 16,000,000 pages of information to over 2,000,000 floor covering visitors. As the largest flooring directory and guide, our standards are the highest in the industry.


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Dear David,
I wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased we are with the results we are having from our ads and listings on 
We have just had our best month ever and I attribute a great deal of that to the exposure we get from Floorbiz.  I have been able to determine from the stats of our web site,, that at least 70% of our traffic is generated by referrals from Floorbiz.  And, generally these are good, qualified sales leads.  We always have a number of general "curiosity seekers", but by far, most of the referrals from Floorbiz are people genuinely interested in purchasing flooring of some type.
We have been on Floorbiz for about a year and it has proven to be the best advertising dollars we ever spent.  As you know, we are renewing our listings with you for another year, and we're looking forward to another great year of highly qualified leads.  I would highly recommend advertising with to anyone in the flooring industry.  In my opinion, there is no other flooring industry related web site that has as much content, and is as easy to navigate as is and that can do for our business what Floorbiz has already done.
Johnny Manor
Portstone Incorporated



I just mailed your check this morning to continue our advertising over 12 months with 

We used to rely mostly on search engine marketing to increase our traffic and sales. However, as search engines start to charge for the traffic they drive (looksmart charges 15 cents per click now, and all search engines are now displaying paid listings), we would like to find other advertising channels that will give us a good return on investment. 

Advertising on other web sites turns out to be more expensive than search engine marketing. This means that our average acquisition cost will increase over time. I would like to develop strong relationships with several web sites over the years, because I feel that our loyalty will help us in lowering our cost per click and improve our ROI. On your side, you would not need to invest as much time to research new advertisers and set up new programs. 

We are in the process of developing a much better tracking system, and we will have the right tools to choose the best partners to engage in long-term relationships. I believe that has proven to be one of them because you are targeted to our business and this seems like a natural fit for both of us.

 Nicolas J. Mottet Inc
Web Marketing Manager


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