Best Flooring For Pets


Best Flooring For Pets

Best Flooring For PetsDesigned for active families who share their interior space with pets, corkbacked Vi-Plank flooring is by far the best flooring for pets. Whether your pet is a cat, dog or any other lovable creature, it’s necessary to have the best flooring for a pet-friendly environment.


The flooring in a pet-friendly home must stand up to the rigors common to pet-owning households. Most animal lovers face the same issues when designing a home that is suitable for pets and people alike: they want a floor that ultimately is moisture-resistant, scratchproof and easy to maintain. Additionally, a flooring that is stain-resistant, allergen-free and resists trapping odors—would be even better!

Of course, the best flooring for pets should also be beautiful, stylish, and resist fading from the sun. And for everyone’s satisfaction and comfort, the floor should be warm and comfortable underfoot—especially since our pets underbelly will be resting on it.

Our resilient, classic cork plank with its LVG luxury vinyl surface is the perfect choice and will withstand the heavy wear-and-tear that’s common in an active, pet-friendly home. It has the same warmth and beauty of hardwood flooring, but offers the additional advantage of being very low-maintenance. Accidents happen, and when even the best cat misses the litter box, or the most well-trained dog has an accident, it's nice to know that Vi-Plank cleans up easily with a damp mop and will not absorb odors. We offer the one-and-only best flooring solution for pets—and their owners.

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