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IndusParquet Announces New VP of Sales & Marketing
Indusparquet USA, industry- leading manufacturer of Brazilian hardwood flooring, has appointed Jodie Doyle as its new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Doyle comes to Indusparquet from Gilford Johnson Flooring, where, for 15 years, he served in various roles, most recently as Vice President, Residential Sales Group.

“People within our industry acknowledge Indusparquet as the source for highest-quality Brazilian hardwood flooring. I’m very honored to lead our group into a new era for our company, and in doing so, continue to reinforce this strong perception,” Doyle stated.

This is an exciting time for Indusparquet, which recently launched Brazilian exotics with more trendy looks designed to excite the American consumer. Flavia Baggio, Indusparquet USA’s Managing Director commented, “Jodie arrives at an ideal time for our company. We believe with the launch of our new products and threat of additional duties from China, this is a perfect time for a fresh look at Brazilian imported hardwood.”

Doyle’s next 60 days will be spent meeting face-to-face with distribution and direct sales partners, along with a week-long trip to Indusparquet’s headquarters in Brazil. “We have a tremendous story to tell and simply have to do a even better job of getting our message to both customers and prospects alike. And, we will!” he exclaimed.

Why Indusparquet?
Ethics, Sustainability and Technology. These are the three bedrock foundations from which Indusparquet has built its business… from Day One. Worldwide, customers trust Indusparquet with their most important projects; they know just because we’re 100 years old, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the latest technology. Our manufacturing is as beautiful as our wood. For more information, visit Or, contact Terri Sparks:

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Friday, December 6, 2019