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IndusParquet Announces Partnership with Fuzion USA
Indusparquet USA, industry- leading manufacturer of Brazilian hardwood flooring, has announced the appointment of Fuzion USA as its distribution partner covering Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and western Tennessee.

Jodie Doyle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Indusparquet USA, stated, "Indusparquet is thrilled to have Fuzion USA join our distribution family. Our company owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to our former leader, Jason Strong, for all he did for us within the US marketplace. Clearly, we’re thrilled he's now bringing that expertise to lead his Fuzion team in representing the Indusparquet brand."

"Knowing and working directly with the Baggio and Uliana families, as well as the 400-plus employees of Indusparquet for the past 20 years, has been an absolute pleasure,” beamed Fuzion’s Jason Strong. “I've learned many life lessons that transcend normal business relationships - this is the Brazilian Way. Indusparquet is a complementary fit with Fuzion’s upscale branding story. We are really looking forward to an exciting new adventure with old friends!”

Flavia Baggio, General Manager of Operations of Indusparquet USA, summed it all up by declaring, “We’re a family business. Since our inception, our mantra has been to treat customers, suppliers and employees as members of one big family. Jason Strong has been with us for two decades. We envision partnering with him at Fuzion USA, as just another step in growing our family… in the best possible way, of course!”

Why Indusparquet?
Ethics, Sustainability and Technology. These are the three bedrock foundations from which Indusparquet has built its business… from Day One. Worldwide, customers trust Indusparquet with their most important projects; they know just because we’re 100 years old, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the latest technology. Our manufacturing is as beautiful as our wood.
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Fuzion USA's Jason Strong

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019