Article Number: 10090
All-New Chapter 5 Collection from Jeffrey Court
The brand new Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette collection is a beautifully curated matte-ceramic line that expands upon endless interior possibilities. Studio Gazette lends itself to design styles ranging from clean and sleek to retro-inspired design and is characterized by its simplicity.

The color palette of this lineup is a design cornerstone that includes popular hues derived from Chapter 2—Vintage Studio. The versatility of this chapter is best noted by its ability to blend matte-ceramic options with accenting glass mosaics as well as accompanying trim and architectural mouldings.

This chapter offers: four field tile sizes, two mosaic patterns, architectural mouldings, and trim pieces that are available in the matte-ceramic colorways. Two glass mosaics options and a 1″ Hexagon mosaic also expand upon the theme of this collection.

Studio Gazette features four field tile sizes that are the foundation of Chapter 5. They include a traditional 3 x 6, a linear 3 x 12, a transitional 6 x 12 and the unique 5 ¼ x 9 Hex. These ceramic field tile offerings are available in all four matte ceramic colors.

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