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Imagine Tile Inc. Introduces “rePly” Ceramic Wall Tile Collection by Artist Rich Moorhead
June 26, 2019, MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY – Imagine Tile, Inc. introduces rePly, a multi-striped ceramic wall tile collection designed by artist, Rich Moorhead, founder of RMD (Rich Moorhead Design). “Worthy of a response, rePly, was inspired by peeling back the layers of a skateboard which reveals seven layers of colorful veneer, or Ply. This cross-section of purposeful construction, intended for stability and control, exposes an architectural element fitting of high-end design and captures a story within a story of a once ridden skateboard.” stated artist, Rich Moorhead, founder of RMD.

rePly is available in 4.25” x 4.25" and 4.25" x 10" commercially rated ceramic wall tiles with a standard finish. Made with pre-consumer recycled materials, they contain no VOC's, are resistant to strong chemicals and are unaffected by UV light. These tiles are extremely durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With six color ways and two tile sizes, clients can choose a specific color pallet and tile size fitting of their project or mix-n-match all six to create custom patterns and designs.

About Imagine Tile
A leader in the custom tile industry, Imagine Tile has spent the last decade creating and producing commercially rated ceramic tiles for use in hospitality, commercial, retail, and residential markets. Using patented glazing technologies, Imagine Tile works directly with architects, designers and homeowners to reproduce textures, patterns, photos, illustrations and even three-dimensional images into tiles that are commercially rated for high traffic indoor and outdoor use. Let your imagination run tiled!

About Rich Moorhead Design
Rich Moorhead made his mark with a company he founded over a decade ago, creating wall tile from broken skateboards. With an eye for design and a desire for more, he broke away from that endeavor, giving way to Rich Moorhead Design. With an extensive resume of projects, Rich has worked with some of the most influential architectural firms, designers and fortune 500 companies. RMD looks ahead, sourcing new inspiration, materials and collaborations, while keeping its roots in the street.

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