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Profilitec Introduces Line of LVT Profiles
PROFILITEC, Italian producer of state-of-the-art floor profiles and related installation solutions, has introduced a full line of profiles specifically engineered for floating and glued LVT floors.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) floors are superior in quality to classic PVC. They are easy to install (suitable also for do-it-yourselfers) and come with a high printing definition, reproducing wood of various textures, as well as ceramic tile and natural stone.

Profilitec has created a line of low thickness profiles suitable for LVT floors: Multiclip CLG 260, CLF 320, CLP 240 and Covertec SP, Zerotec ZR, Stairtec SVT.

“These lines were created specifically to adapt to the typical low thickness associated with LVT,” stated Greg Gelston, President of Profilitec. “All of which are useful for resolving the transition between floors of the same thickness, floors with different heights and for side edging of floors that need expansion.”

The Multiclip LVT System is a patented system which includes a complete series of LVT floor profiles (4-6 mm – 5/32” - 1/4”) ideal for trimming the perimeter of floors requiring an expansion gap, and for transitioning between floors of equal and different thicknesses.

The Multiclip patented system is an addition to the traditional Multiclip (6-20 mm – 1/4”÷ 3/4) patented system, offering a connection structure with the following characteristics: resistant, adjustable and flexible. The 14 models of the LVT "wood look" range are produced with an innovative, high resistance covering certified by PEI ratings. All are available in Anodized Aluminum and High Resistance Wood Laminated Aluminum. The System consists of:

CLG 260 is a Patented coplanar joint profile for LVT floors. The innovative, ingenious clip system in Resinil (thermoplastic synthetic resin) allows, by simple rotation, to compensate level differences of up to 1.5 mm . The system used with (base) CLB60ANF and (clip) CL40P can also join floors with thicknesses varying from 4 to 6mm. It additionally acts as a movement joint profile, since the internal cavity allows the underlying flooring to move up to +/- 2 mm.

CLF 320 is a Patented end profile to join level differences from 0 to 6mm. A plastic clip allows the elements of system Multiclip to be perfectly combined, creating a resistant and flexible system. The slight rotation of the finishing profile allows the system to seamlessly adapt to level differences

CLP 240 is a perimeter profile for LVT floors requiring an expansion gap – the internal 12mm cavity allows the underlying flooring to move more than ±4 mm. Eliminates the need for baseboards, guaranteeing the expansion and perimetrical fastening of the floor. May be used as entrance mat framing and in front of sliding doors.

COVERTEC SP is a profile designed to join two adjacent existing floors at the same height, but can also cover imperfections in cutting or slight variations of height to be found on a tiled floor joining to a wooden one, for example. Available in 3 different widths, this profile is offered in Polished Brass, Chromed Brass, Stainless Steel, Silver Anodized Aluminum and Aluminum Wood Cladding Finish.

ZEROTEC ZR50 is a joint profile for LVT floors at different levels with thicknesses from 0 to 5 mm – 0″ to 3/16”. Its inclination facilitates the passage of trolleys like a small ramp. The trim allows the installer to perfectly join the height difference created when laying new floor covering over an existing one. Its ramp angle inclination has been conceived to bear intense transit of vehicles or wheeled carts in garage areas and shopping centers always maintaining total protection to the various edges of tiled floors. This profile contributes to safety when treading over connecting floors. Vertical dovetail anchorage.

STAIRTEC SVT is a stair nosing profile for 5mm with anti-slip function thanks to its several knurls on the surface.

Gelston concluded, “The availability of this extensive LVT Series solidifies our company’s commitment to offer the most advanced engineered products; offering real solutions for real issues.”

PROFILITEC prides itself on “doing business the right way,” which according to President & CEO/Owner Roderick Egli, “Always includes maintaining our integrity and transparency.” Recently relocated to state-of-the-art facility in Isola Vicentina, PROFILITEC products are strategically warehoused in upstate New York for ease of accessibility.


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