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Profilitec Releases ShowerTec Video
PROFILITEC, Italian producer of state-of-the-art floor profiles and related installation solutions, has produced a fully-animated video featuringSHOWERTEC™, the firm’s innovative system, which offers all necessary elements to build or renovate an entirely waterproof, maintenance-free shower area. Click on this link below to view:

Showertec™ offers advantages that surpass current standards. These include vapor permeance levels that conform to industry requirements for steam showers; high-density, pre-waterproofed foam elements saving significant installation time, which contain recycled content underscoring Profilitec’s commitment to incorporate environment- friendly materials whenever possible.

The new video showcases the entire Showertec™ system, which is comprised of:

• Shower Tray - pre-sloped incorporating the Foiltec™ Waterproof & Vapor Tight Membrane, which is pre-attached, assuring simple and quick installation while surpassing all industry requirements for steam showers

• Shower Curb - made of high density EPS foam and pre-wrapped in Foiltec™ Waterproof Membrane on all sides. An opening along the curb allows for height adjustment, if needed.

• Foiltec™ Membrane – Waterproof and Vapor Tight with a 0.033 perm rating (ASTM E96-E) rating.

• Foiltec™ Sealing Strip

• Square Drain Kit - composed of a bonding flange with vertical drain and integrated anchoring membrane, a Foiltec™ Circular Waterproof Membrane Ring, Foiltec™ Internal and External Corners and Square Drain, which is composed of a ring for the vertical alignment of the drain, grid support, construction plug, plus grid and fasteners

“Our latest how-to video is very explicit, and helps viewers understand our product, its components and more importantly… guides them through the installation process,” stated Greg Gelston, president of Profilitec. “Sealed systems such as Showertec have enabled the process to build a shower less labor intensive. Our new video demonstrates that even further.”

PROFILITEC prides itself on “doing business the right way,” which according to President & CEO/Owner Roderick Egli, “Always includes maintaining our integrity and transparency.” Recently relocated to state-of-the-art facility in Isola Vicentina, PROFILITEC products are strategically warehoused in upstate New York for ease of accessibility. For more information on PROFILITEC, please contact Terri Sparks:

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