Article Number: 10324
DEWALT Introduces New 20V MAX* Compact 3.0Ah Battery
By leveraging new technologies and battery innovations, DEWALT introduces the new 20V MAX Compact 3.0Ah Battery (DCB230). Compared to the existing DCB200, the DCB230 offers the same capacity and is 20% lighter.

The slim 20V MAX Compact 3.0Ah Battery adds to the wide range of battery options offered by DEWALT. From compact to heavy-duty, DEWALT users can choose the optimal battery for their application. Each battery is compatible with the 20V MAX* System from DEWALT, now totaling over 165 products.

With a 3-year limited warranty and 3-year free service, the 20V MAX Compact 3.0Ah Battery will be available starting in March sold individually for $99 MSRP (DCB230), sold in a two pack for $129 MSRP (DCB230-2), and a starter kit with one battery and DCB112 charger for $119 MSRP (DCB230C).

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