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Kapro Tools Offers 510 Optivision™ Tape Measure Series
LAKE MILLS, Wisconsin – July 2021 – Kapro Tools offers its 510 Optivision™ tape measure series in 10' (3m), 16' (5m) and 26' (8m) with a dual scale of imperial and metric measurements.

The 510 Optivision sets a new standard in tape measure visibility with its double-printed blade for horizontal and vertical quick-reading and marking. With triple-colored oversized gradation, it provides a clear reading at all conditions.

With built-to-last features, the 510 has a 10-foot drop-tested polycarbonate casing, an impact-resistant mechanism and a Nylon-coated steel-blade abrasion-resistant blade.

The 510 includes extra-strong rare earth magnets on a double-sided end-hook for measurement stability. An auto-lock mechanism allows users to conveniently lock and unlock the extra-wide blade and the 26' version features a 12' standout.

“Our goal was to create the most visible tape measure out there, while not compromising on functionality and durability,” said Gal Wollach, vice president of business development at Kapro Tools. “The 510 exceeded all of our expectations, and the feedback we are receiving from people who work with it is incredible.”

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About Kapro Tools
Kapro Tools Inc. is a leading manufacturer and developer of innovative hand tools for the professional market. For more than 30 years, Kapro has made the finest quality spirit levels, laser levels, layout tools, marking and measuring tools in the industry. Kapro Industries is headquartered in Kadarim, Israel. The company’s U.S. subsidiary, Kapro Tools Inc., is located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. All of Kapro’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are certified compliant with ISO standards 9001:2015, 14001 and SA8000 and all of Kapro’s professional products are certified by VPA, the leading German certification organization. To learn more, visit

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