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DAP® Introduces ‘Heavy Duty’ Construction Adhesive with Enhanced Formula
BALTIMORE – December 18, 2019 – Professionals on the job site require a construction adhesive that can hold vertical projects in place instantly without the need for bracing or clamping. To meet this demand, DAP®, a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry, now offers the reformulated DynaGrip® Heavy Duty which offers 50% more instant grab than the previous DynaGrip Heavy Duty formulation. This powerful instant grab, along with a strong permanent bond and an excellent adhesion on common building materials, makes DynaGrip Heavy Duty a great solution for both interior and exterior construction and remodeling projects.

In addition to stronger and more durable bonds, DAP’s DynaGrip Heavy Duty is easier to gun for greater efficiency and consists of a low odor formula that is compliant with stringent VOC regulations. DynaGrip is a must-have for the most demanding pros who work on the toughest jobs, including the installation of subfloors, drywall, heavy remodeling and new construction.

“Formulated with the latest high performance latex technology, DynaGrip Heavy Duty provides a strong permanent bond to a wide range of building materials making it perfect for more demanding construction jobs,” said Jay Misas, Sr. Product Manager at DAP. “This new version of DynaGrip covers a wide range of applications, including heavier vertical projects, and delivers a grip that outperforms, ensuring durable, long-lasting holding power.”

DynaGrip Heavy Duty is ideal for general contractors, remodelers, framers, drywallers, finish carpenters and other professionals alike. The adhesive is offered in 5 oz., 9 oz. and 28 oz. and will be available at your local home improvement retailer in January. For more information, visit

About DAP Products Inc.
DAP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of caulks, sealants, foam, adhesives, and repair products with a history of first-to-market innovations with trusted, quality, reliable, and long-lasting products for professional contractors, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers.

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