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DAP Extreme Stretch Acrylic Urethane Sealant Now Available in 13 Colors
BALTIMORE (May 5, 2020) – Extreme temperature and weather fluctuations cause a house to expand and contract, which can lead to some sealants cracking or losing adhesion, both inside and outside the home. DAP, a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry, introduced Extreme Stretch, an Acrylic Urethane Sealant that combines the superior flexibility and adhesion of a polyurethane with the paintability and ease of use of an acrylic latex.

Extreme Stretch is specially formulated to provide exceptional flexibility and superior adhesion to a wide variety of building materials. It can fill gaps up to 3 inches wide and stretches up to 600% for an extremely durable seal that won’t crack. DAP has expanded the Extreme Stretch product line to include 12 new colors designed to match the most common building substrates for windows, doors and siding. The new color assortment now includes white, clear, almond, tan, limestone, woodtone, dark brown, gray, slate gray, iron stone, redwood, pine green and black.

The premium performance sealant is ideal for all types of users such as window, door and siding installers, professional painters, general contractors, remodelers, home builders and do-it-yourselfers who want a versatile, waterproof and weatherproof seal that is easy to use and guaranteed for life.

“Extreme Stretch provides excellent flexibility to move with your house without cracking or losing adhesion,” said Justin Lingenfelser, Product Manager at DAP. “With the addition of 12 new colors, you can get that professional finish quickly without the need to paint. When it comes to finishing a crown molding installation or mounting a window or door, Extreme Stretch has the performance you need for a durable, long-lasting seal.”

Extreme Stretch is ideal for a wide variety of applications both inside and outside, such as sealing around windows, doors, siding, trim, baseboards, molding and more. It will be available at a variety of local home improvement retailers June 2020. For more information, visit

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Founded in 1865, DAP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of caulks, sealants, foam, adhesives, and patch and repair products with a history of first-to-market innovations. For 155 years, DAP has provided professional contractors, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers with trusted, quality, reliable, and long-lasting products.

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