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Daltile Announces 12 Show-Stopping New Collections, Three Line Extensions for Spring
DALLAS – January 30, 2018 – Daltile, the leading manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone, and countertops and slabs, is pleased to announce 12 new collections this spring, in addition to the extension of three existing lines. From realistic wood-look tile in a variety of shapes and sizes to lines that emulate the craftsmanship of handmade, encaustic tile and the beauty of natural limestone and travertine, the new Daltile collections offer homeowners, builders, architects and designers a breadth of on-trend offerings ideal for a variety of installations.

“When developing our spring collections, we leaned into the hottest current trends, ensuring that we provide our customers with the latest and greatest design options possible,” said April Wilson, director of brand marketing for Dal-Tile Corporation. “From porcelain and ceramic tile and stylish mosaics to unique natural stone lines, our new collections offer something beautiful for every surface, regardless of application.”

A contemporary wood-look tile, Emerson Wood™ features a subtle wire-brushed effect for an authentic cerused wood texture and visual. Large format sizes in 6 x, 8 x and 12 x 48 incorporate Daltile’s innovative StepWise™ technology, improving slip resistance, making Emerson Wood the ideal solution for both interior and exterior spaces. Quartetto™, an 8 x 8 tile with the look of handmade, encaustic tile, is ideal for creating a creative and dramatic touch, incorporating eight decorative patterns and 8 coordinating solid colors in warm and cool palettes.

A play on mid-century modern design, RetroSpace™ is a translucent-glazed wall tile that beautifully reflects light in spaces and can be mixed to create a personalized wall design. A clean, subtle, linear tile, Aviano™ provides a contemporary and structured look through a modern, monochromatic color palette.

Building upon the popularity of cement looks, two new collections, Chord™ and Koncrete™, take the trend to new heights. Available in a plaster graphic or cement visual, Chord features a floor tile, 12 x 24 decorative accent and three-inch triangle mosaic that can be mixed to create a unique and harmonious design. Blending soft cement and fabric visuals, Koncrete uses a balanced, neutral color palette to bring out the softer side of minimalism.

With natural stone-inspired tile continuing in popularity, two new collections, Balans™ and Articulo™ offer new takes on limestone and travertine respectively. Balans captures the elegance of natural limestone in a complete line of floor, wall, mosaic and trim options providing a balanced, relaxing atmosphere. For a touch of drama, Articulo beautifully replicates linear vein-cut travertine in a variety of sizes, including two large-format floor tile options.

Inspired by shimmering waterfalls, Cascading Waters™ is a glass mosaic offered in a 4 x random stacked mosaic that can be installed horizontally or vertically, allowing for personalization. Illuminary™ features three mosaic patterns and three decorative liner designs, enabling the creation of unforgettable feature walls that exude glamour and beauty.

Additionally, Daltile announces two new natural stone collections, Parksville Stone™ and Center City™. Inspired by natural landmarks around the world, Parksville Stone features marble, limestone and travertine offerings in a variety of sizes. Marble and limestone combine for a distinct fossilized look with Center City, a unique look ideal for modern, urban spaces.

“This launch showcases not only the advancements of the tile industry, but also Daltile’s ability to deliver sophisticated designs that combine beauty with the benefits of tile, including ease of maintenance, durability and creating healthy homes,” said Wilson. “Through our expansive line of tile, natural stone, countertops and slabs, we aim to empower our customers to bring any design they can imagine to life.”

In addition to the new spring lines, Daltile will expand three existing collections: Cove Creek™, Santino™ and Linden Point™. The line extensions will offer customers even more solutions for their designs.

Fact Sheet:

Emerson Wood™
Modern Restoration
Thanks in part to TV shows like Mad Men, the mid-century modern trend has made its way back into our homes with positive impact. This trend is known for its simplicity – clean sleek lines, geometric shapes, connection to nature and fun pops of color. At Daltile, we’ve been inspired to design collections that bring this trend to life, including Daltile Emerson Wood, a new and beautiful take on hardwood! Our Emerson Wood porcelain tile features a subtle wire-brushed effect for an authentic cerused wood texture and visual. The collection’s floor tile, in three different plank sizes, and a unique, geometric cube mosaic include StepWise™ technology for superior slip resistance – making Emerson Wood the perfect product to seamlessly connect indoor spaces with the outdoors.

• Authentic Wood Look
o Subtle wire-brushed effect accentuates the wood grain within each of the five natural colors
o Floor tile and 3D cube mosaic feature StepWise™ technology offering increased safety and slip resistance for exterior applications

• Exclusive Formats
o Floor tile offered in three extra-long plank sizes: 12 x 48, 8 x 48 and 6 x 48
o 3D cube mosaic suitable for exterior applications and 2 x 2 mosaic suitable for shower floors

Confident Creativity
Create your own work of art with Quartetto™. The look of handmade, encaustic tile in an 8 x 8 porcelain offers eight selections of decorative patterns in both warm and cool palettes, giving you design freedom to make a space your own. Repeat a single decorative tile for a uniform pattern design or group multiple patterns with any of the eight solid colors to create unique combinations. Quartetto delivers flawless design options so you can decide just how much drama you want in your space.

• Freedom and Flexibility
o 8 x 8 floor tile available in 24 unique colors and patterns
o Eight decorative accents available in both warm and cool tones
o Eight solid colors coordinate with decorative tile

• Make it Your Own
o Recurring single decorative tile design achieves a uniform pattern
o Combine different decorative tile designs with solids to create unique spaces

Urban Chic
The industrial craze is in full swing and Daltile is taking the look of cement to a new level with the Chord collection. Chord features three colors in a plaster graphic and three colors in a cement visual as well as a 12 x 24 chevron decorative accent and a triangle mosaic. Paired with the plaster and cement look tiles, these accent designs bring another dimension to the concept of floor/wall combo, elevating the intrigue of the entire room. Get creative, mix and match, then enjoy an Urban Chic look that is uniquely you!

• Resonating Depth
o Three light colors feature a plaster graphic and random gloss application that adds a reflective element
o Three dark colors in a cement visual worn by time and nature
o All colors available in unpolished and lightly polished finishes

• Notable Offering
o 12 x 24 decorative accent that can be paired with floor tile or used as a stand-alone design
o Distinct 3-inch triangle mosaic available in all six colors

Affordable Style
Bring home the perfect blend of soft cement and fabric visuals with Koncrete™. This modern aesthetic offered in a balanced, neutral color palette is perfect for bringing out the softer side of minimalism. Paired with the coordinating geo-patterned Maderno or Catena accents, you’ll transform your space into the perfect gathering spot for friends and family.

• Concrete and Fabric Chic
o Soft concrete and fabric looks perfectly blended in a stylish color palette
o Modern design is ideal for elevating the space on a budget

• Contemporary Lifestyle
o Complete floor, wall, mosaic and trim offering – including a 4 x 12 wall tile
o Decorative wall accent offered in two geo-pattern designs in warm and cool tones

Mid-Century Modern Essentials
Reinvent the acclaimed look of mid-century modern design with RetroSpace™. A modern interpretation of a nostalgic aesthetic, this translucent-glazed wall tile beautifully reflects light in your space. A subtle undulated surface is the foundation of this artisan wall tile available in soft green and blue hues as well as in a neutral color palette. RetroSpace is offered in three wall tile sizes and two decorative geometric designs which can be combined to create one-of-a-kind feature walls or backsplashes.

• Soft Reflections
o Subtle, minimalistic wall tile with an enriching, translucent glaze
o Combine shapes and colors to create unique, personalized wall designs

• Dimensional Surface
o Diamond and Wave accents available in 3 x 6 wall tile
o Soft green and blue tones offered along with traditional neutral colors
o Three wall tile sizes with coordinating chair rail and jolly trim

The Straight and Narrow
Create your feature wall with the compelling linear structure of Aviano™. Aviano’s defined texture delivers a clean, subtle design in a monochromatic color palette, perfect for walls and backsplashes.

• Linear Framework
o Compelling linear design creates a clean, contemporary and structured look
o Offered in four modern, monochromatic colors: Verona White, Belluno Beige, Trentino Greige and Civetta Grey

• Simply Stylish
o On-trend 10 x 14 rectangular wall tile available in a satin finish
o Coordinating monochromatic jolly trim

Natural Harmony
Escape into the gentle elegance of natural limestone with Balans™. This transitional design offered in four restful, neutral colors is perfect for creating a balanced, relaxing atmosphere. Balans offers the ultimate design source with its complete line of floor, wall, mosaic and trim.

• Soothing Naturals
o Gentle elegance of natural stone in a modern, neutral color scheme
o Soft veining of natural limestone creates a comfortable and calming space

• Harmonious Selections
o Comprehensive floor, wall, mosaic offering, including a 4 x 12 wall tile and 2 x 4 straight-joint mosaic
o Trim package available for a complete, finished design

Chronicle Your Design in a Distinctive Way
Design tells a story with the flowing travertine look of Articulo™. Beautiful replications of linear vein-cut travertine in five natural colors bring sophisticated drama to your space. Large-format porcelain floor tile in a unique 18 x 36 and the popular 12 x 24 pairs beautifully with wave wall tile designed to flow continuously from piece to piece.

• Linear Travertine Look
o Sophisticated linear, vein-cut travertine design in five natural colors
o 6 x 18 wall tile available in both a flat and a wave structure for heightened visual interest
o Pressed 1 x 3 straight-joint mosaic is perfect for shower floors

• Essential Continuity
o Large-format floor tile in two sizes with coordinating wall, mosaic and trim
o Wave wall tile designed for seamless flow from tile to tile

Cascading Waters™
Glass Waterfall Dimension
Inspired by the beauty of shimmering waterfalls and their rocky pools below, the Cascading Waters™ glass mosaic collection brings an exquisite touch to any wall. This 4 x random stacked mosaic can be installed horizontally or vertically to create striking designs. Cascading Waters is available in six colors that reflect the natural beauty of the Earth, including three blends.

• Beauty is in the Details
o Rich colors with subtle touches of glimmer and shine
o Beautiful contrast across the 3-dimensional framed rectangle of each unique mosaic piece
o Random linear stacked pattern can be installed horizontally or vertically

• Design Possibilities
o Three monochromatic mosaics and three blends for a total of six earth-inspired, natural colors
o Dimensional molten glass in a 4 x random stacked mosaic
o Can be cut into 4 x 12 decorative accents

Captivating Iridescence
Step beyond ordinary and create an unforgettable feature wall with Illuminary™. With its mesmerizing hues and calming influence, Illuminary creates walls with beguiling glamour. Available in three unique mosaic patterns, comprised of eight iridescent color blends and four solid colors, and three decorative liners, Illuminary elevates any space. Modified Herringbone, Accordion and Oscillating mosaics feature a parallelogram assembled in three beautiful patterns, which can be effortlessly paired with a coordinating decorative liner.

• An Eye for Intrigue
o Parallelogram assembled in three unique mosaic patterns
o Mosaics available in eight iridescent color blends and four solid colors
o Liners available in six solid colors

• Enlightened Design
o Three mosaic patterns: Modified Herringbone, Accordion and Oscillating
o Three decorative liner designs: Bar, Convergent and Twist

Parksville Stone™
Explore the Landscape
Satisfy your sense of adventure with Parksville Stone™. Inspired by natural monuments and landmarks around the world, Parksville Stone provides an authentic natural stone look in a complete collection of products. Popular floor tile sizes and a unique offering of mosaic and trim are available in all five colors of marble, travertine and limestone.

• Authentic Natural Stone Visuals
o Popular marble, limestone and travertine looks within reach
o Veining and movement found in natural stone add sophisticated and unique visuals

• Unique Coordinating Products
o Popular 12 x 24, 12 x 12 and 3 x 6 natural stone sizes
o Unique 8 x free length pattern with 8 x 16, 8 x 20, and 8 x 36 plank sizes for a sophisticated visual
o Complementary pieces available in all five colors include petite pencil rail, victorian mosaic, 2 x 2 mosaic and 3 x 15 picket fence

Center City™
Metropolitan Sophistication
Achieve a contemporary look with the dynamic characteristics of Center City™. A unique shell fossilization aesthetic gives these stones the minimalistic, urban look of concrete or cement. Available in four modern colors, popular formats and a stylish 4 x 12 size, this high-end collection of marbles and limestones exudes confidence and style. Select from honed, polished or brushed-and-flamed finishes and add a touch of detail with a modern pencil rail or linear mosaic.

• Distinctive Details
o High-end marble and limestone with a distinct fossilized look in each piece
o Contemporary color palette including beige and varying grey tones

• Selective Style

• Exclusive 4 x 12 size offered in addition to the popular 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 formats in honed, polished and brushed-and-flamed finishes

• Unique 8 x free length pattern with 8 x 16, 8 x 20, and 8 x 36 plank sizes for a sophisticated visual

• Coordinating products include modern pencil rail and linear mosaic

Spring 2018 Line Extensions

Cove Creek™
Distinguished Linear Graphics Create a Fluid Contemporary Style
With fluid movement in its design, Cove Creek’s distinctive stone look creates an impact with elegance and style. Cove Creek impresses with a refined palette of natural colors shown in a light stone graphic with a soft, linear pattern. Three floor sizes, two wall sizes and a 2 x 2 mosaic available in three essential colors add character to any design.

• Balance Using Neutrals
o Serene tones feature three exquisite colors
o Light stone graphics with a soft, linear pattern add dimension

• Practical Versatility
o Complete floor, wall and mosaic product line including a 4 x 16 wall tile format
o 2 x 2 glazed ceramic mosaic is dot-mounted and easy to install

Linden Point™
Find Modern Appeal in a Soft Stone Look
The contemporary look of Linden Point™ emulates a soft linear stone with varying horizontal veining. Its soft texture finish and versatile color palette are offered in the popular 12 x 24 floor tile and 10 x 14 wall tile as well as a 2 x 2 mosaic. Enhance your space with the modern and versatile look of Linden Point.

• Contemporary Visual
o Emulates the modern look of soft stone
o Features flowing linear movement and texture

• Modern and Versatile
o Versatile warm color palette
o Contemporary and popular floor, wall and mosaic sizes

The Elegant Look of Travertine Paired with Ultimate Durability
The elegant style of Santino™ was inspired by the beautiful variances of travertine veining, natural wood grain and fabric weaves. Complete with a natural color palette, this contemporary flooring is perfect for architects, designers and homeowners alike.

• Unique and Visual Surface
o Inspired by the beautiful variances of travertine veining, natural wood grain and fabric weaves
o Gorgeous reflective shimmer in the veining of the textured surface

• Elegant, yet Durable
o Contemporary colors ranging from a crisp white to a rich dark brown
o Available in large-format and popular linear sizes for broad, open spaces
o Ideal for residential and commercial spaces wanting style and durability

About Daltile
Daltile is the industry-leading brand of ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal tile as well as natural stone, large-format slab and countertop products. Daltile products are distributed through over 250 company-owned sales service centers, stone slab yards, and gallery design centers that service a robust network of trade customers. Dedicated to innovative product development and distinguished style, Daltile provides a rich palette of quality products created to inspire residential and commercial designs. For more information, visit and follow Daltile on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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