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Island Timber’s Reclaimed Teak Wall Cladding Blends Ancient and Modern Looks
(Watsonville, CA, Aug 22, 2017) Island Timber, a division of Island Stone, introduces Kayu V-wood wall cladding, a meshed tile arrangement of reclaimed Indonesian teak with a tapering relief. Taken together, the tiles weave across the wall, providing a modern take on the exquisite authenticity of salvaged tropical wood.

Each tile is a wood composite, crafted with reclaimed Indonesian heartwood adhered to premium-grade pine. The distressed teak is repurposed from timber salvaged from tropical buildings.

“Kayu juxtaposes the organic, natural feel of weathered wood with a cutting-edge mosaic design,” says Sander Nauenberg, director of sales and marketing at Island Stone North America. “By encapsulating exotic, historic tropical culture, we’ve found one more way to transform natural resources into a contemporary aesthetic.”

Colors range from golden hues to weathered, earthy grays to smoky, dark tones, combining to capture the diverse history of the ancient wood. Tiles can be specified all natural or blended with painted tiles (one in four).

The meshed tile measures 4¾” by 15½”; individual pieces measure 1½” by 15½”.

About Island Timber
Island Timber, a division of Island Stone, offers a range of contemporary wall claddings made with reclaimed Indonesian teak. Working closely with communities throughout Indonesia, the company is committed to rescuing quality old wood from being destroyed as tropical buildings are torn down. The panels, sourced from premier heartwood of ancient Indonesian teak trees, exhibit an authentic weathered appearance while retaining the wood’s acclaimed quality. Mesh-backed tile offerings are available in several varieties to present the rustic, tropical teak in sleek, modern arrangements.

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