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Artaic Innovative Mosaic Introduces New FLOURISH Collection
Artaic Innovative Mosaic, the Boston–based designer and fabricator of custom, award-winning mosaic tile-work, introduces Flourish, an exclusive new collection of mosaics based on the abstract beauty of botanical shapes and patterns.

Offering twelve highly customizable designs to choose from, the Flourish Collection’s original patterns can be altered to fit any space, residential or commercial. Many of these designs are repeating and can easily be cropped, flipped, or inverted, to seamlessly transform a space into a living wall that never needs watering. Whether it is a massive attention-grabbing feature wall in a lobby, or a personal accent of a residential home, these designs are easily versatile.

Over 50 color combinations are featured in this collection, making the color matching possibilities limitless. Artaic’s versatile 3/8” vitreous glass tile is not only a clean and functional surface finish, but it is also perfect for capturing the delicate nuances of the ornamental designs featured in this collection. Each color is available in three finishes- standard glossy, metallic, and opalescent, which can all be combined together as another luxurious multi-finish option.

The design potential within the Flourish collection is limited only to the imagination, and offers an endless array of application possibilities for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

About Artaic
Artaic uses robotic technology and innovative design tools, to customize and fabricate award-winning tile mosaics. As a synergetic resource for the architectural and design community, Artaic melds modern technology with a historical art form and empowers modern-day industry leaders to produce compelling mosaics for any size project. Using their mosaic software, Tylist™, Artaic enables its skilled, in-house designers to perfectly work with robotic manufacturing systems, making the process of mosaic customization seamless, flexible and cost efficient. Artaic has transformed the industry; making custom mosaics simply beautiful. For more information, visit

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Monday, September 28, 2020