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Fresh Catch – Lunada Bay Tile Expands Shinju Collection
(Coverings’17, Orlando, FL, April 4-7, 2017) Lunada Bay Tile has released a fresh catch of designs for Shinju, the ceramic tile collection inspired by oysters, pearls and the waters they live in, adding four new shapes to the collection. “Paper” is a textured, three-dimensional tile that emulates the look of crinkled paper; “Serene” is rectangular field tile with subtle texture; “Tent” is a rectangular, three-dimensional tile that has a linear raised center, and “Zen Garden” is a textured tile that emulates the calming essence of meditative gardens.

“The new shapes added to Shinju give designers more ways to add texture and dimension to commercial and residential wall applications,” says Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing for Lunada Bay Tile. “Adding texture to surfaces helps to transform light, influences scale and communicates personality. Shinju is a modern collection of ceramic tiles that works beautifully alone, and sizes can also be interchanged to create a variety of patterns and textures. The tiles also work in combination with glass mosaics.”

Nine tile shapes and five colors now make up the Shinju collection:

Crest: Named after the highest point of a wave, Crest is a dimensional hexagon tile with a slightly raised center.

Paper: Rectangular, three-dimensional tile that emulates the look of crinkled paper.

Reef: Contemporary blend of rectangular tiles inspired by ocean reefs — the ridge of jagged rock, craggy coral, or coarse sand just above or below the surface of the sea.

Serene: Rectangular field tile with subtle texture that embodies the look of a watery landscape.

Smooth: Elongated brick shape tile with nuanced texture.

Swell Mosaic: Sheet-mounted mosaics that include multi-sized rectangular tiles inspired by ocean swells — the slow, regular movement of the sea in rolling waves that does not break.

Tent: Rectangular, three-dimensional tile with a linear raised center.

Tide: Textured tile that emulates the alternate rising and falling of the sea that occurs with the rise of the moon and the sun.

Zen Garden: Textured, rectangular tile that emulates the calming essence of meditative gardens.

Launched in 2016, the Shinju ceramic collection reflects the colors of the deep sea and the creatures within. Shinju, which means “pearl” in Japanese, translates the ridges of mottled oyster shells, the shimmer of the pearls inside, the earthy brine of the sea, and the movement of waves into a modern, elegant tile collection.

The five colors of Shinju are named after some of the world’s favorite oysters: Kumamoto (white), Kushi (light silver), Moonstone (dark silver), Pacific (chocolate brown/bronze), and Olympia (dark copper).

About Lunada Bay Tile
Lunada Bay Tile creates handcrafted glass, ceramic, pewter, stone, and wood tile with an emphasis on artistic simplicity, texture, and color. Inspired by the aura of Southern California coastal living, Lunada Bay Tile takes a distinct approach to designing products with a philosophy that blends traditional craftsmanship and modern influences. Our artisans use specialized techniques to create unique effects that capture the imagination and reflect the way people want to live. To learn more about Lunada Bay Tile and view the entire product line, visit, or call 310-257-1300.

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