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 Life is an interesting journey. In many ways, like a person’s life, Homespice Décor has gone through changes we would never have anticipated when we first opened in 1998. However, constant in our growth has been our values, principles and our commitment to providing the highest quality customer service in our industry.
 Homespice Décor started as a company called J Quilts Co. In the beginning, I was the only employee and traveled from trade show to trade show displaying imported quilts from India. The quilt business grew, and I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge concerning customer service and my market. However, as with life, a new change was on the horizon.
 My father, Anand Gupta Sr., has always been a big influence in my life. For several years, we discussed entering the braided rug industry. Since neither of us were experts in the braided rug industry, we enlisted the help of renown experts in the field. One gentleman actually had a PhD in braiding and had worked with NASA on the Mission To Mars program, incorporating braiding technology into the space program.
 Both my father and I quickly learned the technology of materials, pulley tension and weights that greatly affect the quality of product. Our goal was to provide the highest quality of braided rugs and make them affordable to everyone.
 In 2000, J Quilts Company offered their first braided rugs. Immediately, the rugs were a huge success. Stores were selling the rugs before the product could even be unwrapped! The demand for the braided rugs grew at an unprecedented rate.
 By 2003, braided rugs accounted for 90% of J Quilts Company’s business. The quilts were only 10% and declining. Due to the high demand for the braided rugs, and my commitment to providing the best product and the best customer service, I decided to eliminate the quilt line and focus the company’s efforts on braided rugs.
 In January 2006, I made the decision to change the company’s name from J Quilts Company to Homespice Décor in order to more accurately reflect the core products of the business. Today, Homespice Décor has become an industry leader in braided rugs (outdoor, indoor, wool, cotton), and has expanded line to include Penny Rugs and Rag Rugs. Although the product has changed, my values, principles and commitment to providing the highest quality customer service in the industry has never changed.
 Homespice Décor continues the tremendous growth and success experience as J Quilts. The commitment to service is reflected in being selected as a finalist for “Country Living” magazine’s 2006 Vendor of the Year.
 I would personally like to thank our customers (some of whom have been with the company since the first trade show). Throughout our growth, the company’s priority has been to treat each customer as the most important. We will continue to keep this as our top priority.
 Homespice Décor will continue offering unique, high quality products at the best possible price. As always, Homespice Décor stands behind all products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We look forward to introducing new and unique pattern designs (such as SuperNova) and new colors meeting the needs of our customers. We are committed to being the best—the best in product offering and the best in customer service.
 Once again, thank you for your interest in Homespice Décor!

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