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Welcome to JH Freed & Sons
We are located in San Diego, CA United States of America.

A perfect place to begin is with our selection of brands. We carry Carpeting, Laminate Flooring, Wood Flooring, and more...

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Tel: 858-292-6901 Fax: 858-292-4870 Toll Free: 800-645-4546

Brands: JH Freed & Sons

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BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring


The benefits of Alloc Laminate Flooring appear in the form of a long lasting beautiful floor that is easy to clean and maintain with total product durability.

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Bretlin Carpet


Bretlin has become the leading supplier in the domestic needlebond floor covering market. Its product line includes indoor/outdoor carpet for pool areas, decks, and patios; walk-off and decorative mats; runners; and do-it-yourself carpet tiles for dens, playrooms and other applications around the home. Bretlin also recycles "Hard Carpet Waste" from the Dixie Group companies into recycled carpet pad.

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Fine Line Collection Hardwood Flooring


Inspired by historic factory and warehouse flooring, along with the use of reclaimed materials, Fineline® planks are made of hundreds of pieces of wood from various species cut to 1/8” strips carefully joined together in a random color pattern producing a distinct and dramatic appearance.

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Natures Beauty Hardwood Flooring


Only the best are added to the J. H. Freed & Sons line, which ensures you get flooring products that have excellent appearance and functionality.

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Universal Hardwood Flooring

Universal Flooring is a global presence in hardwood flooring. We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding the highest global manufacturing standards for quality.

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