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Pre-built like an electric blanket, the Nuheat floor warming system is an electrical radiant floor warming system. The Nuheat system provides warm floors and soothing comfort that keeps tile, stone, laminate and engineered wood surfaces at a just-right temperature. Nuheat is perfect for master bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, mudrooms and even for granite countertops.
 Nuheat is the leader in radiant floor heating systems. Our floor heating system offers the affordable luxury of warm floors and barefoot comfort that any homeowner can enjoy. Nuheat's radiant floor heating system is easy to zone and can be placed in the rooms you wish to enjoy warm floors as opposed to every room in the house. Our floor heating system allows homeowners to maximize energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, while enjoying warm floors in the rooms where homeowners are spending their time.
 The Advantages of Nuheat's Floor Heating System:

 Pre-built: No loose wires or complex calculations needed. Nuheat's floor heating mats can warm floors in any room regardless of shape or size
 The easiest floor heating system to install
 Industry leading 25-year warranty
 Local Service: The only direct manufacturer's sales force in the industry
 In-house design team to assist with your warm floor needs
 Use Nuheat's Floor Heating System to suit your warm floor needs. 

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NUHEAT invites you to throw away your slippers and begin to enjoy radiant floor-warming!

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