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Boen achieves FloorScoreŽ Certification for its Entire Range of Hardwood Flooring
St. Margrethen, July 6, 2022 - Boen is proud to announce that it has achieved FloorScoreŽ certification for all its European produced hardwood flooring products. Boen has a long history of environmental leadership and underscores this with systematic checks by independent third parties, such as the eco-INSTITUT, the Blue Angel certification, and now FloorScoreŽ certification.

FloorScoreŽ is a certification program established by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) for hard surface flooring and flooring adhesives products that meet strict indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements. Regular factory audits are also required. Products bearing the FloorScoreŽ label meet the indoor air quality emissions criteria of LEED, CHPS, the Green Guide for Health Care, and are recognized by a long list of other healthy building programs.

While the certification program is especially recognized for the North American floor covering market, it is globally applied and an advantage when building classification programs such as LEED are required.

About Boen
BOEN is a European developer, producer and supplier of high-quality multi-layered hardwood flooring in the premium segment. Its Norwegian origins, coupled with its experience and craftsmanship, are what make its products unique on the international market. BOEN offers a wide variety of surfaces, wood types, designs and formats of the highest quality to suit all styles. With the ethos of being a trustworthy, expert and reliable partner for its customers, BOEN delivers its products to more than 50 countries on four continents. In addition to production facilities in Lithuania, Croatia and Switzerland, BOEN also has its own sales offices in Norway, Germany, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Asia and the USA as well as a broad network of partners in many other countries.

BOEN is part of the Bauwerk Group and was created from the merger of BOEN AS and Bauwerk Parkett AG. The company is one of the leading companies in the European hardwood flooring industry. The administrative headquarters of the Group are located in St. Margrethen in Switzerland with North American Headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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