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Daltile Launches New STARE Program
Dallas, TX – November 22, 2021 – Daltile is pleased to launch its new STARE program, a dynamic assortment of special order tile featuring vibrant colors, trendy mosaics, chic modern neutrals, and extra-large size offerings that really take the style of a space up a notch!

STARE Products
“STARE was developed to offer our commercial customers the height of fashion,” said Laura Grill, director of product design for Dal-Tile Corporation. “From spirited colors that easily becoming a focal point, to signature mosaics that at a glance become the star of a space, STARE provides the ultimate source for fashion-driven looks.”

“The idea behind the Electric collection is to offer extreme dimensionality and unique organic and geometric shapes,” commented Grilli. “This collection features deep and sharp 3D textures offered in stunning metallic colors, as well as black and white, to achieve eye-catching visuals.”

“Our Eclettica collection includes tile that is big and rectified for a seamless surface,” said Grilli. “It features a contemporary and energetic color palette, soft matte finishes, and enhanced 3D textures. The assortment also offers micro mosaics to fragment and add rhythm to walls as well as wallpaper style decorative patterns showcasing romantic and geometric motifs.”

“The Terratech assortment provides an earthy concrete look with a color palette inspired by natural clays,” commented Grilli. “It comes in big 30x30 and 30x60 sizes. An added touch of artistry can be achieved with the collection’s 3D sculptural mosaics and a striking geometric patterned mosaic.”

Mystone Moon & Mystone Limestone
“Mystone Moon and Mystone Limestone are complementary collections, as one is offered in cool colors (Moon) and the other in warm colors (Limestone),” said Grilli. “Mystone Moon is a subtle limestone for minimalistic and essential design, offering big sizes such as 36x70 and 48x48 to meet the growing demand for large floor tile in the commercial segment. Conversely, Mystone Limestone follows the trend of calming interiors achieved through warm, cozy, and soothing natural colors. We are offering Mystone Limestone, which is a classic look, in large 48x48 and 30x60 sizes. This collection also has a stylish and sophisticated cut mosaic with organic inspirations.”

“Oltre is a wood look of contemporary Scandinavian inspiration offering light natural colors to convey calm and add elegance to spaces,” commented Grilli. “Through this collection, Daltile is for the first time offering a plank of 71 inches in length for the ultimate in style and realism.”

“Pinch is a collection of Venetian terrazzo looks available in neutral fundamental colors, large sizes such as 48x48, and mosaics decorated with geometric asymmetrical patterns,” added Grilli. “Pinch accurately evokes the detail, color, and varied patterning that make true terrazzo floors unique.”

STARE Marketing Campaign
“We knew we needed a marketing campaign to really interrupt the space and make our clients do a double-take,” said Amber Leigh Martinson, senior director of marketing for Dal-Tile Corporation. “Our team had a lot of fun creating this campaign’s design! The name and the tagline are trendy, chic, and intriguing to capture attention and garner interest. To complement the name, we have an abundance of unique lifestyle imagery that is fun, vibrant, and striking – just like our tile! For our color palette, we wanted to differentiate from our traditional branding and give this program the special ‘glow up’ it deserves with electric pops of neon pink and blue.”

About Daltile
Daltile is the industry-leading brand of ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and stone tile as well as mosaics, extra-large slabs, countertops, exteriors, and roofing tile. Daltile products are distributed through over 250 company-owned sales service centers, stone slab yards, and gallery design centers that service a robust network of trade customers. Daltile products are also sold through independent flooring retailers. Dedicated to innovative product development and distinguished style, Daltile provides a rich palette of quality products created to inspire residential and commercial designs. For more information, visit and follow Daltile on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.

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