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RD Weis Companies and Duracryl International Present Liquid Lino
New York, NY ... On November 6th and 7th, 2019, RD Weis Companies and Duracryl International held a special event at RD Weis's New York Office to introduce Duracryl's latest offering, Liquid Lino. Over the course of two days, those in attendance had the opportunity to ask questions, meet both the Duracryl reps and the installation team, and view a video presentation of the application of this new and innovative resilient flooring product.

Introduced to the North American market in 2017, Corques Liquid Lino (CLL) is a durable, self-leveling, liquid applied resilient floor covering that matches all the original linoleum characteristics. Available in 54 colors, which can be made to custom match. This combined with the water tightness and the excellent resistance against a wide range of chemicals makes this the perfect resilient flooring solution for education, health and other commercial sectors. VOC-free, sustainable and extremely environmentally-friendly, CLL is Red List free and has been awarded with the Declare and Mindful materials certifications.

"We're excited to introduce this fantastic new product," said Randy Weis, President of RD Weis Companies. "Everyone was curious about the idea of a 'poured floor' so this event was a great way to field questions and showcase its unique qualities."

Questions at the event focused on topics concerning application, maintenance and use. Here are some highlights:

Q: What is the brown stuff in the bucket?
A: A mixture of a blend of pure natural, sustainable materials - a mixture of vegetable oil, cork, wood-flour, limestone and natural color pigments.

Q: How long does it take?
A: After pouring the liquid on the floor and rolling, we wait 12 hours for it to dry. Then we put down a protective mixture, which takes four hours to dry.

Q: What is the milky mixture you put down on the colored floor?
A: This is a protective coating that is strained to keep out imperfections and is then rolled onto the floor to create a smooth covering.

Q: How durable is Liquid Lino?
A: Because this flooring is seamless is a natural-looking resilient floor, it has chemical and scratch resistant properties. There is no need to remove the flooring after years of intensive use. The floor can be resurfaced quickly and economically.

Q: Where can we use Liquid Lino?
A: Retail, Healthcare, Corporate offices, Restaurants, and Education.

"The benefits of Liquid Lino cannot be overstated," said Bas van Genderen of Duracyl International. "It's sustainable, easy to clean and maintain, and VOC free. And we're confident in the whole team at RD Weis and their knowledge and know-how about our great product. It was a wonderful evening."

About RD Weis Companies
Founded in 1990 by Randall D. Weis, RD Weis Companies is a full-service flooring provider specializing in environmentally safe flooring solutions for commercial interiors. As a member of StarNet®, the largest commercial carpet channel in the U.S,, RD Weis Companies offers commercial clients and design professionals a broad range of floor covering products at the industry's most competitive prices.

About Duracryl International
Duracryl Internationalhas a strong history of professional, durable and seamless resilient and hard floor coverings for residential, commercial and industrial use. From floor finishing for earlier Gerrit Rietveld projects to representative floors for multinationals, schools, museums and offices in our time. The story begins with sand-cement and terrazzo floors traditionally made in the 1930s. The history continues with the production of modern and durable floors of today.

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