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American Olean’s Distributor Road Show Focuses On Product Knowledge Training
DALLAS (July 31, 2018) – This summer, American Olean (AO) is conducting intensive product knowledge training with its distributors through a nationwide roadshow stopping at all distributor locations.

“Distributors are a huge piece of how tile gets to market in the U.S.,” said Hector Narvaez, vice president of distributor sales, American Olean. “In fact, they are the biggest channel, so we put great emphasis on appropriately supporting our distributors.”

“Our current distributor roadshow is all about the new products launching this summer,” said Narvaez. “American Olean has upped our game when it comes to getting on-trend products and merchandising into the market very quickly, and we are backing this up with product knowledge training sessions, preparing our distributors’ sales teams and designers with timely insight.”

“Together AO and our distributor partners bring not only superior products to our retail customers, but unmatched customer service,” added Narvaez. “Our distributors are always excited about American Olean and the more products we show them during the current roadshow training meetings, the more enthused they become, ready to take their new knowledge and our latest products back to their customers.”

About American Olean
Since 1923, American Olean has been offering an extensive array of quality tile products. Through an appealing selection and a trusted network of industry professionals, American Olean empowers the creative visions of residential and commercial design and construction. For more information, visit and follow American Olean on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest.

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