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American Olean Enriches Line With More Design Enhancing Status As Full-Line Supplier
DALLAS (April 10, 2018) – American Olean (AO) has been enriching its line with more design during recent new product launches and has taken its appeal as a full-line supplier to a whole new level.

Enriching The Line
“Because American Olean started as a commercial brand years ago, we have naturally mastered the ability to offer great commodity designs throughout the years,” said Williams Pontel, commercial sales manager for American Olean. “However, during the last couple of years, we have been enriching our AO line with more design. These new products are not only different from what was previously part of the AO line, but they are different from anything seen in the overall market. Products such as American Olean’s Scene, Visual Impressions, and Union represent much more fashion-forward, interesting looks than ever before.”

Full-Line Supplier
“A key strength of American Olean is that we are a full-line supplier’,” said Hector Narvaez, vice president of distributor sales for American Olean. “Not only are we a trusted brand offering quality, on-trend products, but we provide the distributor with the full range of products to meet virtually any customer need. AO’s offering includes commodity, mid-range, higher-end, and commercial tile products.”

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About American Olean
Since 1923, American Olean has been offering an extensive array of quality tile products. Through an appealing selection and a trusted network of industry professionals, American Olean empowers the creative visions of residential and commercial design and construction. For more information, visit and follow American Olean on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest.

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