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FILA Solutions Announces Partnership with SOLID Surface Care, Inc.
For decades, FILA Solutions has been the product line of choice for the protection and maintenance of ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone and other hard surface materials. According to Jeff Moen, Sales & Marketing Director of FILA North America, “We are now partnering with SOLID’s highly professional network of surface care specialists. Now, world-leading FILA surface care products are being expertly applied by experts who restore, repair, and enhance the performance and aesthetics of the finest architectural hard surfaces.”

Moen went on to state the many reasons why this partnership is so ideal for all involved. “Our portfolio of products offers solutions to remedy any surface issue. Having SOLID craftspeople professionally apply our recommended products, results not only in across-the-board customer satisfaction. But also, with a regular SOLID maintenance plan, the tile, stone or other hard surface material that has been expertly treated, will retain its original appearance… which ultimately enhances the overall value of the building in which it was originally installed. Users savvy enough to embrace the FILA-SOLID partnership, are making an investment in total quality and longevity!”

As early as the first post-installation cleaning or restoration process takes place, the ongoing maintenance program from SOLID can begin, ensuring that tile, stone and other hard surface materials are restored to their original luster… and last for decades to come.

About Fila Solutions
FILA (Fabbrica Italiana Lucidi ed Affini) has achieved international recognition for excellence in providing highly technical, easy-to-use protection and care treatment systems for all surfaces. A family-owned yet strategically structured, managerial company, FILA has become a large international group always maintaining strong core values. With an eye on the future, FILA offers optimal answers to the needs of every client, consistently staying ahead of the market. That’s just one reason why FILA has been endorsed as “#1” by 250 of the world’s leading tile and stone producers. For more information, click on

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