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The Creativity of CIR Narrates Contemporary Design
Casalgrande, 4 October 2017 – Our surroundings offer unlimited inspiration to those who have made creativity their mission, like CIR, who will be showcasing their new collections, characterised by the latest technology and historic materials, at Cersaie 2017.

In this 50th year since its foundation, CIR is just as convinced as ever of the value of a creative and innovative approach to the language of ceramic, expanding its offering with new large sizes. From 25 to 29 September this year, at Bologna, the exposition conceived by the Gruppo Romani brand will cover the REGGIO NELL'EMILIA, VENEZIA, KENTUCKY, ALASKA and MAT collections, evocative names which narrate the present and future of architecture and interior design.

Porphyry, beautiful, resistant and timeless, is a characteristic feature of Emilian cities, and REGGIO NELL'EMILIA pays homage to this ancient stone, widely used for homes and monuments, and for paving streets and city squares. The collection's subtly textured surface evokes the density and intensity of the original material, and is the perfect match for contemporary design, in which aesthetics and technical performance go hand in hand.

VENEZIA is the reinterpretation of a material used in the great architecture of the classical period, the so-called battuto veneziano, the outcome of craft traditions which, over the centuries, have never failed to satisfy the demands of even the most refined clients. Ceramic is the latest step in the evolution of this technique, which rediscovers its originality with each advance in technology while remaining faithful to the aesthetic of combining a granulate of various materials and grain sizes with a binding agent. Suited to both floors and walls, Venezia also offers a range of graphic solutions which repropose, in a contemporary key, the typical elements of traditional marmetta and seminato veneziano floors.

KENTUCKY is CIR's narration of the untouched spaces of North America, with its large houses immersed in their natural settings, where life still follows the rhythms of the seasons and walls and floors have seen generations come and go, each with its particular tastes and necessities. KENTUCKY proposes the aesthetic of aged, coloured and worn wood, with a decidedly vintage patina, ideally suited to contemporary installations even in the setting of the modern city.

ALASKA features small sizes which narrate the charm of wood floors with 6.5x40 cm slats, a CIR Ceramiche exclusive. The innumerable laying patterns made possible by this format enable the creation of elegant, original interiors with a strong character. ALASKA features eight woods, each with its own dominant colour and characteristic veining, thus composing an expansive, versatile language for design. The soft, elegant finish of some versions in the collection, in contrast with the more rustic, worn finish of others, make ALASKA ideally suited to the multifarious requirements of contemporary style.

The MAT container, dedicated to the expressive potential of non-gloss surfaces, is the outcome of an evolution in the concept of decoration, simple and minimalist, which transforms neutral colours and formats into distinctive features. MAT C (Concrete) and MAT W (Wood) form part of the sophisticated chromatic universe composed of Cold Materials (Oyster, Zinc, Smoke) and Warm Materials (Cloud, Sandal, Mud), which create fascinating points of contact and contrast with the two accent colours Brichy and Sky.

The company's collaboration with Désirée (Gruppo Euromobil) and Cerasa has enabled CIR Ceramiche to create the stylistic and architectonic evocations on show at Cersaie 2017, Bologna Exhibition Centre, Pavilion 16, stand B5.

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