Artisan Wood Products

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  • Artisan Wood Products
  • 2461 Bransford Avenue
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  • United States of America

We are craftsmen and wood specialists, a wholesale supplier and custom manufacturer of hardwood flooring, custom cabinetry and stair parts. We are not the largest supplier in the country, we havenít swollen to the size of an empire, and we donít plan on going public. Our history doesnít reach back a hundred years, and since we operate as a wholesaler, our name is not prominently on display. We exist behind the scenes. But our work is on display all over town and across the country. Say youíre in the Mall at Green Hills here in Nashville, TN, and you notice the shine of wood floors across the walking bridges or the massive custom wood inlay at David Lipscomb Universityís Whitten Hall. Or perhaps you find yourself admiring long length vertical grain Wenge flooring during your stay at the Polomar Hotel in Dallas, TX. You may have encountered products sold through Artisan in a fris home off the California coast or a lodge in Aspen, CO or a loft in Manhattan, NY. Your own home may even be furnished with our wood products.