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We grew up in beautiful, really interesting houses, filled with delights, large and small. Thoughtful, intriguing combinations of color, texture, and history were just there for us as we grew up. Not long after we married, we set out to pick up half a dozen or so treasures for our own place. It’s funny, looking back, to remember how surprised we were not to find the sorts of things we had in mind at the first few stores we entered, or the first ten or twenty . . . you get the idea.

Our moms invested decades of mindful effort, almost without our noticing, in finding, winnowing, and polishing the mix of things that have shaped our families’ lives and our own ideas of what our house might be like. We didn’t want to wait 20 years for what we had in mind, and we just couldn’t afford to pay what antique shops and dealers charge for the products of their own decades of mindful effort. So, we decided to spend a few years of serious freelance searching—all over the world—for our treasures. We were young. We’d get to see the world. And we’d pay for our search by buying some of the things we fell in love with and selling them to people like ourselves.

That’s how Wisteria was born. At first we sold our treasures through magazine ads. And that worked okay, so then we strung several ads together to make a little catalog within a magazine. And then we produced a really small catalog. And then another and another and so, here it is. We have a son Cooper, a daughter Susanna. At first, it was just the two of us at our dining room table. Now we have about 75 wonderful employees, a fully functioning warehouse and big plans for the future. We’re still out there, everyday, looking for great stuff. And we’re pleased with what we’ve found.

We hope you enjoy Wisteria as much as we do.