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There's no need to demo a workstation.  OfficeLift Systems allows you to keep all workstations right where they are while installing new

OfficeLift Universal Lifting Systems allow you to increase your production by 30-60%.  We can even custom fabricate lifts to your specifications.  You name it we'll build it.

So don't get discouraged when you see those two-ton file cabinets.  You can finally offer your customers/facility managers the answer to every obstacle. 

All of our systems, even custom fabrication, include a one year replacement warranty.  That's right, our warranty is like no other's, plus we add our customers to a worldwide database.  That allows us to help you create more business and to assist general contractors/facility managers find an experienced furniture lift contractor.

What's even better, you own your lifts, no labor or purchase agreements!

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Zip2Biz is a perfect match for non-techies flooring retailers planning to launch their own websites, as well as for flooring dealers whose current website design is difficult to maintain, costing them too much money, or they would rather be selling flooring than dealing with a website?

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