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Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring is a one-quarter inch thick, flexible, non-slip surface made of recycled material. From reducing slips and falls to eliminating bacteria growth, Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring meets and exceeds both ADA and OSHA requirements for floors and ramps.
 Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring is an integral component of the Allied Non-Slip Safety Flooring System. Combined with state-of-the-art tools such as maximum strength epoxy adhesive, high quality marine adhesives and sealants, mechanically fastened clamping drain collars and flanges, heavy duty stainless steel thresholds, termination strips and custom contoured aluminium base caps. The complete Allied System is unique to Allied Flooring and is by far the best application for back of the house floors, coolers, freezers, bars and service areas.
 Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring is completely non-corrosive and non-absorbent. Manufactured from 100% post industrial recycled, single-ply PVC vinyl roofing membrane, our flooring material combines cohesive fibers and a micro-biocide agent to create a floor that is virtually indestructible. Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring is impact and puncture resistant, grease and chemical resistant, weather resistant, plus odor and stain resistant, ensuring a great look for years to come. It is also fire resistant. Demonstrating properties similar to concrete, Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring simply does not burn. Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring is resistant to animal fats and cooking oils. It retains its non-slip properties even in areas where these are present.
 Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring also prohibits the growth of harmful bacteria. The micro-biocide in the flooring product reduces the presence and production of bacteria. Tile floors require grout where bacteria can grow. Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring is one solid piece of heat-welded material covering your entire floor and there is no need for grout. Bacteria have nowhere to hide.
 Allied Non-slip Safety Flooring comes in six colors and four top surface textures for aesthetic purposes. And itís so easy to clean! Simply mop and deck brush with Allied Ultra Flooring Ultra Clean Plus Cleaner/Degreaser and rinse with fresh water. Maintenance has never been easier

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