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    In today's competitive market, creating quick accurate bids for projects is key to your company's success. Saltire Software's line of FloorRight Products are revolutionary software programs that enable a salesperson to make an accurate estimate of the amount of material needed for a set of rooms. FloorRight's line of estimating software can help you to reduce costs, close sales faster, and get more repeat business.

    Benefits of Using FloorRight Software

    Reduce Costs
    Our FloorRight™ software enables you to reduce costs by providing accurate seam positions within rooms, accurate stock layouts, and minimized waste. With the seam positions and the stock layouts, you know exactly how much material the job requires and how to lay it.

    Close Sales Faster Wouldn't it be nice if your customer thought that they were getting a good estimate from your salesperson? FloorRight provides a professional look and a feeling of security to your customers. This feeling of security will help convince your customer that they are dealing with a high-quality company.

    Sometimes customers question how much material is really needed for a job. They may know the area of their house and wonder why you say they need more material than that. FloorRight's stock layout can be used to explain the necessary waste to a customer.

    Get more repeat business FloorRight enables you to have reliable communication among your customers, your sales force, and your installers. Your customers will know exactly what they are getting, so they will be happier with the whole job. That means they are more likely to recommend your company to other people and more likely to use you for their next job.