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American Pavers Manufacturing was founded in 1985 by an entrepreneurial team with a vision.  Based on their heritage of over 900 years of brick manufacturing from Portugal, the Brito family founded American Pavers.
At the time the company was started, there was one manufacturer in the State of Florida.  They produced pavers in similar fashion to their German counterparts in Europe.  They concentrated their efforts on the functional qualities of producing pavers in several shapes and primarily in red, brown or gray colors.

No manufacturer had focused on the demand for the aesthetic beauty of pavers.  American Pavers began testing and formulating a wide range of solid and blended colors that went beyond the red, brown, and grays that were being offered.

American Pavers was the first to develop the use of white cement based pavers.  Using white cement in the production process gave us the ability to create pastel colors ranging from white, coral, and pink, to peach, orange and mauves.  Add this to the expanded gray cement colors like tans, camel, goldenrod, charcoal, and greens, and the variety of blended colors became endless.

The success of our pastel colored pavers led American Pavers to another first, the introduction of our pool coping products.  Because of the wider range of colors available, our pool coping quickly became the preferred alternative to the clay pool coping that had been used for many years.  A few years later, we developed a thin paver for the remodeling of pool decks and patios.

As our company has evolved, American Pavers has become known for the highest quality and largest selection of colors in the industry.  Our attention to detail and quality control far exceed the industry standard.  Our dedication to these high standards is the foundation upon which we have built our company and will continue to do so through the next generation.

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