Dover Rug Company

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  • Dover Rug Company
  • 184 Worcester Road
  • Wellesley, MA 02181
  • United States of America

A look, texture, style and budget for every taste…

It's true! Dover Rug offers more than authentic hand-woven tribal rugs by artisans using ancient knotting techniques handed down one generation to the next.

What distinguishes all of our rugs – contemporary, traditional, antique or custom-designed - is their "craftsmanship", "quality" and "uniqueness".

Our pledge to take care of your rugs for as long as you own them is as unique as the rugs themselves. We begin making good on the promise the moment we deliver your new rug. We help you try it on right where you want it, even if you aren't sure at first, second or third exactly where "it" us. We know better than anyone that our rugs look great practically anywhere.

Still not sure? So, live with it for a few days. If it hasn't become part of your family by then, let us know and we will help you "try on" a worthy replacement.