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Whether it's a gym floor, a restaurant, a mall, or your own living room, if there is a beautiful hardwood floor, there's a good chance that it is finished with coatings from Basic.
 Basic Coatings began its life in the 1950s under the name Basic Chemicals. Originally a small private label manufacturer of professional cleaning products and floor finishes, the company underwent many changes over the next decades, both in name and product line.
 In the early 1970s, Basic's parent company, Atlas Products, purchased Perry Austen, a manufacturer of finishes and maintenance products for bowling lanes. During this time - while non-flammable water based technologies were still in their infancy - Basic took on the challenge of developing a quick drying, non-flammable water based coating that could withstand the wear and tear suffered by a wooden bowling lane. With a strong commitment to an environmental solution, the company became the leading supplier of water based bowling lane finishes worldwide.
 Over the next two decades, we took our expertise in water based technology and expanded it to other markets. Today we are a worldwide leader in the development of innovative coatings and maintenance solutions for residential, commercial and sports floors.
 BASIC provides COATINGS THAT WORK. Our products are used in a wide variety of high end residential settings, commercial and high-traffic retail environments, and hundreds of athletic facilities. We appreciate your interest in our history and plans for the future and want you to know we're dedicated to continuing and improving upon the process of offering coatings that work, for you!

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Where do you go for the world's most complete line of proven high-quality coatings and maintenance products for all kinds of wood floors? No question. Go Basic. After 17 years of making wood floors look great, Basic Coatings has become simply Basic. We make the easy-to-work-with coating solutions more professionals turn to for beauty, durability and affordability - not to mention outstanding field support.