Woods Household Appliances

  • Tel: 989-386-2351
  • Woods Household Appliances
  • 1401 North Mcewan Street
  • Clare, MI 48617
  • United States of America

Welcome to Woods Household Appliances
We are located in Clare, MI United States of America.

A good place to start is our selection of brands. We carry Appliances, Vinyl/Resilient, and more...

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Tel: 989-386-2351

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Tarkett Resilient Flooring

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Welcome to everyday. That wonderful series of day-to-day moments strung together where real life happens. And they can sometimes be kind of messy. Like crafty-pasty-paper mache day. And dining-room-hockey-practice day. And let’s-make-a-tent-in-the-living-room day. It’s for those very real reasons that we created Tarkett® Vinyl Sheet Flooring that wears not tears. That cleans up easily. That stands up to everyday life and looks good doing it. Real floors for real life.