solutia's wear-dated carpet 


solutia's wear-dated carpet  Carpet bearing Solutia's Wear-Dated logo assures you of the highest quality materials and technology available. Wear-Dated Carpet goes through performance testing, just to be sure your new carpet's beauty will last. Wear-Dated Carpet, the "Flagship" brand, features a type 6.6 nylon in order to maintain color retention while resisting most stains. Wear-Dated Carpet II is Wear-Dated's "Fashion" brand. It raises density and color versatility for people who want a luxury carpet while featuring a "30-days-no-questions-asked" Warranty. For the value-conscious customer, Solutia offers its Wear-Dated Freedom Carpet. It offers the same Wear-Dated beauty and performance, but also makes your purchase easy on your wallet. Solutia's Acrilan Plus is the perfect carpet for anyone who loves berbers or other loop-style carpets. The only Wear-Dated line not made of nylon, it gives the look and feel of wool from quality acrylics. And if you're building a new home, Wear-Dated Assurance is the carpet for you. Featuring soil and stain-resistance, crush and matting resistance, fade resistance and also color fastness, it will take the worry out of your selection process. And all Wear-Dated lines come with Solutia's 5-Year Normal Stain and Wear Warranties and in a wide selection of colors and textures. And on selected carpets, you can get Solutia's Wear-Dated Pet-Agree, a protective backing which traps liquids to prevent nasty odors.

Branded Fiber: Anso | Dupont 

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