polyester carpet fiber


Polyester Carpet Fiber
polyester carpet fiber 

Polyester carpet fiber is noted for its luxurious soft "hand" when used in thick, cut pile textures. It has excellent color clarity and retention. Polyester is easily cleaned and resistant to water-soluble stains.

Polyester does not hold its fiber height under traffic and shifting weight as well as other carpet fibers. Polyester is luxurious, durable against abrasions, easy to clean, and resistant to water soluble stains. Polyester carpets costs less than wool and nylon.


Polyester Facts:

  • Made from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol

  • Offered in BCF, but mainly staple form

  • Used in residential and some commercial applications


  • Color clarity

  • Colorfastness

  • Resistant to water-soluble stains

  • Noted for luxurious "hand"

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