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Axminster Carpet

 Axminster carpet is one of the basic weaves that originated in the 1700’s in the town of Axminster, England.   Axminster carpets were knotted in wool on woolen warps, with wefts of flax or hemp, and featured Renaissance architectural or floral patterns. The Axminster carpet factory closed in 1835 with the advent of industrial weaving machines. The name survives as a generic term for all machine-made carpets with pile similar to velvet or chenille. Unlike the Wilton weave, almost all pile yarn appears on the surface of this carpeting. This beautifully classic, and traditional carpet is suitable for wall-to-wall applications, on stairs or even custom cut into special area rug treatments.

Axminster is quick to point out that a patterned Axminster carpet in British Wool is the most practical flooring choice available today. Axminster carpet rarely shows spots, spills and everyday wear and is specified for many public buildings for these reasons as well as for safety and comfort. It is an all round carpet fiber and is their first choice, making the company a leading manufacturer of 100% woven wool carpets in the UK. Wool resists cigarette burns and does not readily support combustion plus, it is less prone to static and can tolerate a high moisture content without feeling wet.

If you are looking for a beautifully patterned Axminster wool carpet woven in the most beautiful array of colors, you will not be disappointed. Axminster rugs are unique due to their intricate designs and European flavor. This unique look was invented in England in the early 19th century. It was invented to simulate the beauty of hand woven carpet. These types of rugs are found in fine hotels and beautiful homes throughout the world. They are not only beautiful, but are also constructed to withstand the heaviest of traffic found in such places as hotel lobbies, casino's, or perhaps your busy household. If you have a beautiful staircase or a special room to carpet, this style definitely makes a statement.

Like an oriental rug, fibers are woven in and out through the surface backing on an Axminster carpet machine. This loom inserts pile tufts into the weave from above so that strands need not run along the back, enabling a multitude of colors to be used. Chosen by hotels and commercial lobbies for its durability and cleanability, the surface is a cut file, available in long and shaggy, short and smooth, stubby or carved carpets. Yard for yard, it is comparatively more expensive than carpets made on high speed modern tufting machines.

Axminster Carpet Features:

1)  Carpet made on Axminster loom; cut pile only; most are single level cut pile, but can be multi-level as well.
2)  Offers wide range of patterns and colors.
3)  Regarded for withstanding heavy traffic; used mostly in commercial applications and area rugs.
4)  Weaving process contributes to durability, strength and firmness.

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