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Velvet Carpet

Velvet Carpet is elegantly constructed, and is fine and densely packed with tightly twisted tufts. The tufts appear to blend together, creating a rich sweep of color that lends itself to formal settings.

VELVET is the simplest of all the woven carpets. Long ago, only cut pile was considered VELVET carpet. Loop-pile carpets on the same loom were known as “Tapestries.” Today, both cut-pile as well as loop-pile constructed on a velvet loom are called “VELVET.”

A VELVET loom is almost the same as the WILTON loom mechanism. Almost all of the face yarn is in the surface of the carpet, not hidden in the back. Unlike, the WILTON, normally there is only one row of face yarns between the warp backing yarns. The bulk of a VELVET carpet comes from the backing yarns and latex coating unlike the hidden yarns in a WILTON.

The leading quality factor is the pile density. This is achieved by specifying a number of wires per inch (pitch) or a heavy yarn weight. Today’s styles commonly have a 162 or 189 or a 216 pitch and will vary from 7-10 wires per inch. Almost all will be a two weft shot per wire.

Sometimes called Velour. Velour is close construction with a short pile and smooth top. Available mainly in tufted and Wilton constructions and in wool or synthetic fibers.

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