Cork Flooring


Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is undeniably the single most environmentally friendly floorcovering you could consider. Cork flooring, quiet and durable, is a natural product that is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. Cork flooring  production involves a completely harmless process which allows the cork oak tree to be continuously harvested every 9 or 10 years. An average tree can live to well over 100 years, so one can see how viable and productive this process can be. Portugal and Spain are major exporters of cork due in large part to the number of sustainable forests in these regions.

Cork flooring is actually made from the reclaimed waste from other manufactured cork products. Through a unique process where high pressure and heat is applied to ground up cork granules, making in essence a large block of raw agglomerated product, it now becomes possible to produce such things as cork underlayment, cork planks, cork tiles or cork sheet goods in both unfinished and prefinshed products. These products are now available for your use as underlayment, crack suppression, plank or tile floors. Soft, luxurious, beautiful flooring that will last a lifetime is at your disposal. The availability of this product is greater than at any time within the last 20 years, as is your choice of colors and finish. If one word can sum this product up, it would be resilient. It possesses a unique ability to adapt to various climate conditions as well as hold up under the highest traffic.

Cork Outstanding Features

Cork flooring is environmentally friendly, resilient, very little if any out-gassing, outstanding moisture resistance, thermal insulating, fire resistant, sound absorbing, extremely durable, resists cracking, chemically resistant, abrasion resistant, and last but not least, the most comfortable floor you will ever walk on. What more do you need to convince you that this is by far the best choice in floorcovering. Tongue and groove planks and tiles are now able to be installed as a 'floating' floor without the use of adhesive making them truly a DIY project floor. Yes, this natural product offers a reasonable alternative to traditional hardwood lumber.

Products from Duro-design, a featured company on FloorBiz and a leading industry manufacturer, offers a wide range of colors and sells products suitable for many applications, including small, medium and large to extra large flooring applications, commercial and industrial projects as well as walls and decorative boards for all sorts of creative and stunning results. All of the 58 color choices manufactured by Duro-design are made from the highest quality materials and are of superior quality, even harder than traditional hardwood itself. Duro-design products have been used extensively in residential and commercial applications such as retail stores, restaurants, offices, institutional, houses of worship, etc.

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