Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is truly the new kid on the block in the hardwood flooring market. Bamboo floors are a relatively unknown species to most consumers, this due in most part to the the limited availability in flooring markets. This environmentally friendly floor possesses remarkable qualities, especially when compared to other more popular wood types.

Bamboo flooring is for instance, as hard as Maple (one of the hardest woods on the market), and 50% more stable and harder than Red Oak. Unlike other hardwood products, it needs no finish work at all and is factory prefinished with a state-of-the-art UV resistant varnish that requires absolutely no sanding, staining or filling.


Bamboo flooring 'education' starts by taking consumers and replacing the 'shoots and stalks' mental images they naturally have, and replacing them with a true vision of technologically advanced floorcovering. Bamboo floors disadvantage can be illustrated this way. Mention hardwood and people don't think of a tall tree in some forest, they immediately conjure up images of a beautiful Oak plank floor in a family room with a burning fire in a fireplace reflecting on it's brilliant shiny finish. Mention Bamboo, and people instantly picture tall stalks of green grass in some rice paddy in Laos. True, Bamboo is a grass (not a wood), but this is truly advantageous due in large part to the plentiful bounty and sheer number of species (more than 1000) available worldwide.  The raw product can be re-harvested every 4 to 5 years making it an extremely environmentally friendly product by helping preserve our forests.

Bamboo Outstanding Features

Bamboo flooring is available in only 2 shades (over 50 colors are available). Bamboo is naturally golden blonde in color, all have a unique and distinct pattern when made into flooring. Bamboo floor stains and other finishing techniques are truly state-of-the-art. It provides unparalleled strength, durability, insect and mildew resistance, as well as excellent fire resistant qualities. A hardness scale established by the NWFA ranks these floors very high on their list of available wood products.

Bamboo flooring, as mentioned earlier, it is harder than Red oak, Ash, Maple or Beech. Bamboo also tops the list of common wood species in dimensional stability prepared by the USDA. Many types of wood don't perform well in 'high moisture' environments. The moisture will cause expansion and contraction as the levels change which can result in unsightly gaps between the planks or worse, buckling where it actually comes up from the subfloor. Not so with this species. It originates from a climate that naturally fluctuates in extreme degrees of moisture, experiencing no ill effects. . Since it is 'natural' in this kind of environment, think of how well it will perform for you as you walk on it for years and years to come.

Bamboo flooring will be by far the most easiest to care for that you have ever walked on. Simply sweep or vacuum as needed and only occasionally damp mop when necessary. What could be simpler? In conclusion we've learned about the floor being environmentally friendly, extremely durable, high NWFA hardness rating placing it ahead of species such as red oak, naturally insect resistant, fire resistant, mildew resistant, inherently moisture resistant, highly dimensionally stable, and now available in over 50 exceptional colors (not to mention it can also be custom colored). Need more information? Simply visit the many companies where this product is available by clicking on the link above (or links below).

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Duro-design, a featured company on FloorBiz and a leading industry manufacturer, offers a wide range of colors and sells products suitable for many applications, including small, medium and large to extra large applications, commercial and industrial projects as well as walls and decorative boards for all sorts of creative and stunning results. All of the 58 color choices manufactured by Duro-design are made from the highest quality materials and are of superior quality, even harder than traditional hardwood itself. Duro-design products have been used extensively in residential and commercial applications.

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