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Vinyl Composition Tile Floors

vct tile floors

Vinyl composition tile (vct) is a mix of thermoplastic binder, fillers and pigments. Vinyl Composition tiles offer moderate pricing, durability, easy installation, and assorted colors and patterns. They effectively resist scuffs, burns, dents, and grease, but may require occasional heavy duty cleaning because the embossing can trap dirt.

Here's an interesting side note. In 1926 at the BFGoodrich labs, a man by the name of Waldo Semon ran out of Bromine base for the experiment he was conducting, so he substituted Chlorine. His colleagues thought the funny white powder he came up with was a waste of time. Semon became fixated on the newly created substance and began to ignore his assigned projects. Heating it up, he came up with Poly-Vinyl Chloride, PVC the epitome of modern plastics. Today, the United States vinyl industry employs over 100,000 people. Semon died at the age of 100 with over 116 patents to his name.

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