rubber tile flooring


Rubber Tile Floors

rubber tile flooring

Rubber tile floors gives a room that 'high-tech' look. Rubber flooring was once made from the milky sap of the rubber tree, but most rubber tile flooring is now synthetic or manmade. Of it's many outstanding features is it's resilience, flexibility and durability. Rubber flooring is also highly resistant to burns and dents, and it's built-in self-releasing wax allows some rubber tile flooring to self heal most scratches and abrasions.

Rubber tile flooring comes in wet suit finishes, primary and pastel colors, and in industrial studded rubber sheet or rubber tiles. Once used primarily in commercial settings, rubber tiles are hard wearing, colorful, and resilient, but costly. Because rubber can be slippery when wet, ribbed or studded rubber tiles are recommended in kitchens and other high traffic areas.

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