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Mexican Tile Floors

mexican tile floors

Mexican tile floors, derives its name from the town of Saltillo  Mexico, where it is made by hand from raw clay. The process is similar to that used in ancient times when clay tiles were first known to have been produced. Mexican tiles are dried in the sun and are fragile when handling prior to being installed.

Mexican tile floors will provide just the right touch for your southwestern theme. If installed properly, it will provide years of satisfaction. This is in large part to how gracefully Mexican tile ages. Throughout its lifespan, it can be stripped and refinished over and over again to fully restore that new-floor look you expect.

Expect some unique features with Mexican tile though, for this is a hand made product in quite an uncontrolled environment. It is not unusual for there to be chicken prints as well as other animal prints in the surface of the tile. Don't panic though, for these will add more aesthetic value to the finished job. Be sure and place them in the most visible areas of your floor and you'll be pleasantly surprised how many compliments you get from your invited guests.

It seems that people who like Mexican tile, absolutely love it, and those who don't, hate it. There's no middle ground. Some like the rustic look of it, especially when it used outdoors, although clay tile is not frost-proof. When this tile is used indoors, it's almost always finished with a top sealer similar to that used on hardwood floors, so it's not exactly maintenance-free.

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