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milliken carpetToday's economic climate demands both functional and aesthetic environments. When it comes to floor coverings, Milliken modular, broadloom and rugs meet these demands and much more. Milliken Carpet represents a true marriage of function and form, offering unparalleled advantages such as style and innovation; flexibility and performance; value and service.

Milliken Carpet's reputation has been built on manufacturing a high quality product which is able to perform in the most demanding of environments. Each element that goes into the production of a Milliken carpet is carefully controlled, as is the manufacturing process itself. No two people are alike...And neither are our color choices. ColorSource™ by Milliken has made our carpet as versatile as you are, offering a world of endless choice, possibilities, and innovation.

Pioneering past & future

When it comes to creating a positive Public Space environment, Milliken is a pioneer. We have been installing our carpet in convention centers, sports venues and hotels for 25 years. One of our tests of performance is how well our carpet holds up in the world's busiest airports. There is not a tougher environment for floor covering than Public Space venues. Working with our customers we continue to learn and apply technology to solve customer needs. Hard surface floors are our competition. It seems easy and cheap to hose down or spin pad the terrazzo, ceramic, and/or concrete to most. With this in mind, Milliken Carpet - Public Space had to have a very clear vision of what was needed to exceed expectations for assembly floor covering.

Does Your Carpet Need a Check-up?

Hospitals must compete for business much more so today than in the past, and one way to win business is to create as welcoming and healing an environment as possible for patients, their families and their guests. The use of carpet can help create this environment in a hospital or health care facility, making it warm and inviting, much more home-like than the cold, harsh halls and waiting areas often found in health care facilities.

Choosing Milliken Carpet will enhance your interiors, creating unique and inviting images that ease troubled minds, distract and entertain children and welcome new life into the world. Milliken's Wear Guarantee ensures that your carpet will perform above and beyond what is expected in the demanding healthcare field. Ask the right questions, and you make the right decisions. Make the right decisions, and your future is bright.
At Milliken, we start with the questions that are important to you.

Nothing makes a more powerful impression than your floor covering. It's got to look good as well as feel good. And nothing gives you more aesthetic options than Milliken modular.
Milliken leads the way in pattern and design. Patterns that enhance work settings. Patterns that hide dirt and seams. But the true test is seeing how it comes together on the floor-- and not just in a sample book. To make the right decision, you have to see modular carpet in a multiple-tile layout.

Seamability is as important as color, design and texture. Our exclusive patterns make seams virtually disappear. Large open areas take on a rich, uninterrupted look. All the beauty. All the advantages of modular. Without the evidence.

Want added cushioning? Our unique Comfort Plus® backing increases comfort, reduces noise and even boosts work performance.

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