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 Carpet Rating

carpet ratingAn important consideration in selecting carpet that meets your needs is performance, or how well a style will maintain its appearance in its intended setting. In addition to its aesthetic and comfort features, carpet is a remarkably durable and practical floor covering. However, carpet is neither stain-proof nor indestructible, and some styles are better suited than others for particular applications. The area to be carpeted and the level of expected activity are important considerations in determining the style - and even color - that is appropriate.

First look at the number of people - and pets - in your family and estimate the level of activity you anticipate in the room or area to be carpeted. Other factors to assess include the amount of entertaining you do and how often appropriate care and cleaning will be provided. Remember that good maintenance will prolong the useful life of any carpet.

Bear in mind that the carpet that is unsuitable for the family room or hall may be the perfect choice for a formal dining room or guest bedroom. Simply use common sense in balancing your choice according to your individual requirements.

Three basic needs, or factors, have been identified that influence the purchase decision:

I. Budget, or cost

II. Aesthetics/Comfort - the 'look' and feel of the carpet

III. Performance

Once you have determined your needs, you're ready to shop and compare.

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