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Jute CarpetJute Carpet

With its soft silky luster, jute is a fine natural fiber. It is best suited to areas of the house such as sitting rooms and bedrooms, rather than the more heavily used areas such as halls and passageways. Jute is a very versatile, adaptable yarn which weaves well, looks and feels good and comes in natural tones. It can also be mixed with wool and linen, enabling more color variations, and improving durability, so the jute/wool/linen mix can be used throughout the home except for in kitchens or bathrooms.

The natural jute shown here comes with a felt backing, in a herringbone design, and the mixed fibers are in 5 colors in a ripped design. All are in 4 meter widths, and can be fitted on underlay and gripper, stuck down directly to the floor.

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