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Outdoor Carpet

Outdoor carpet is perfect for bass boats, yachts, pontoon boats, pools, patios. gazebos, dog runs, garages, docks, bleacher seats, sidewalks, campers, tent floors, garden weed barriers, porches, utility rooms, vacation homes, gravesites, or art projects. Due to being considered specifically for outdoor living areas, your selection should be thoroughly checked for durability ratings, maintenance and tolerance of weather conditions. Solution dyes tolerate sunlight better than other dyes. The fiber also must resist sunlight and heat.

Outdoor carpet made from Polypropylene/olefin² intended for outdoor use has been chemically treated to resist sun damage. Untreated polypropylene/olefin deteriorates in the sun.

Outdoor carpeting must be constructed so moisture can drain away. It must be capable of being washed with detergent and hose- rinsed. Jute-backed carpet will rot if used outdoors. If carpet is used near a pool containing chlorinated water, it must be able to withstand the chlorine and any other pool chemicals used.

Snow and ice can build up in outdoor carpeting, making walking hazardous. Do not invest in outdoor carpet hoping to make the walkway less hazardous for winter walking.

The properly chosen outdoor carpeting can be an asset to the outdoor living space in your home. It may cut down on area maintenance, also.

Many factors influence the carpet selection you make. Knowing what those factors are before you go shopping or make your selection will help make the process less frustrating.

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