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Buying a new floor for your home is quite different from buying clothes or food. Unless you are an experienced flooring installer, you generally don't just walk into a flooring store, buy the flooring product you want off the shelf, and drive it back to your home.

Home floors will last so long that most homeowners will only shop for new floors a few times in their lifetime. The product that is picked must be custom-selected and custom-installed into each unique home to provide that homeowner with years of enjoyment and performance.

Because buying a new floor involves making a significant, long-lasting investment in your home, it must be done properly the first time. To ensure you remain happy with your selection, it is important to select your retail flooring store as carefully as you select the product that best meets your needs.

A customer-friendly store that specializes in flooring products and services can make buying flooring for your home easier, less stressful, and more affordable. Although every store has its own unique style for guiding you through your purchase, you will find that most follow these key steps:

In-Store Carpet Selection
The first step is visiting the flooring store's retail showroom. Here you can browse through a broad range of flooring samples, allowing you to see and feel the range of colors, styles, textures, and performance possibilities available to you. The store's sales associates can guide you through your selection, offering you the advice and information you need not only about the flooring product, but important accessories (such as carpet pad), installation, maintenance, financing options, and more. Ask as many questions as you need to be sure you obtain all the information you want to know. Once you have selected the flooring product you like best, the sales associate will write up the order and schedule a time to send out an estimator to measure your home's floor.

Home Carpet Measurement
A professional estimator visits your home and measures the full dimensions of rooms needing new flooring. The estimator will also note what furniture needs to be moved, any existing flooring that needs to be taken up, etc. From this information, the store can now calculate the exact amount of flooring you will need to purchase and what the total cost to you will be. The store can also produce a specific flooring layout plan for the installer showing exactly how the floor covering should be cut and installed and where all seams will be placed.

Carpet Installation
At a pre-scheduled time, professional installers will come to your home to install the flooring product you ordered. Once the installation is complete, you will be asked to examine the work to be sure you are satisfied with the job that is done. The installer will collect any remaining payments due.

Carpet Care and Maintenance
As with any other significant purchase, if you properly care for your new floor you can extend its life and durability. Be sure to obtain flooring care and maintenance advice from the store.

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